3 wordpress plugin faves

3 WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without May 2015

When I start to dig in and build a new site with WordPress one of the first things I do after uploading setting fresh install of WordPress is upload my must have go to plugins. I have several that I use over and over again and I am sharing my top 3.

1.Contact Form 7
A free, simple to use contact form plugin for beginners who want basic features but highly customizable if you want it to be. Your site can benefit from a contact form by making it easy for people to reach you while helping cut down on spam. It also gives your site a clean professional look right off the bat. This is hugely popular for a reason. Likely the best free contact form for wordpress you csn find anywhere.

2.Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget It took me a while to find this little gem. It does exactly what I want it to do and more. The widget always you to sort by post/page/category as well as assign URL, featured image, etc. I love it.

3.Simple Social Icons
What’s so exciting about another set of Social Sharing buttons? While nothing earth-shattering going on- I can set up beautiful, fresh custom colour sharing buttons in minutes with a few clicks and very little code.
I am a big fan of most anything @NathanRice and team comes up with so no shock I like this one.

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